The War of the Spider Queen is a series of books overseen by R.A. Salvatore, each of the six books had his own author from Wizards of the Coast staff.The cover author is Brom.

The background is set in the matriarchatic drow society of Lloth worshippers. In the beggining we see Lloth cutting herself from her fallowers. This act started a chain reaction in the society, as all the priestesses lost their magic and showing their weaknes, this weakend also their position in the hierarchy.
What will happen if Lolth won't return? What will happen if the enemies of Menzoberranzan will awaken, to deal the city the final blow?

This series is especially recommended to those who are fascinated with drows, their society and life. Drows, to whom ligth is unfamiliar, as well in their homes, and in their hearts.

Books in This Series
1. Dissolution (2002) by Richard Lee Byers
2. Insurrection (2002) by Thomas M. Reid
3. Condemnation (2003) by Richard Baker
4. Extinction (2004) by Lisa Smedman
5. Annihilation (2004) by Philip Athans
6. Resurrection (2005) by Paul S. Kemp

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